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I'm thankful to have been invited by National Association of Adoptees and Parents to create this space for community and support among birthparents.

Birth parents, first parents, natural parents, biological parents: parents of adoptees have an incredible range of experiences and diverse language to describe those experiences. Yet, underneath the differences are universal and complex feelings of love and loss, grief and uncertainty, gratitude and fear as we journey through life and encounter adoption through its different seasons.

My dear birth/first parent friends - I hope to see you there!

But I am also connected to a number of adoptees and adoptive families on social media and if your relationship with the birthparents in your life is such that you could invite them to be a part of this group, we would absolutely love to have them.

Age, gender, open, closed, semi-open, brand new, veteran, in reunion or in the dark, willing placement, or forced removal: it doesn't matter, all are welcome to join us in building bridges of compassion and camaraderie beyond our differences.


If you have any questions about our monthly zoom support group, please contact me at

Stay up to date with events by following National Association of Adoptees and Parents on Eventbrite!

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